by Sean Caldwell, with some help from daughter Chelsea Caldwell


Long ago, in the small town of Shmeegly-Shmoop

The was a voice talent, a fellow, named Zoop


Zoop’s voice was great, but he started to wonder

Could his pricing strategy be a big blunder?


Zoop had heard ‘the customer is always right’

and he never put up very much of a fight

“Its money.” he thought, “And they’re all paying me”

But the results were not really what he wanted to see


Zoop didn’t think, not once, and not twice

When customers asked him to lower his price


That customer told all their friends

And their friends told all their friends

And their friends told all their friends

Until everyone and all their friends knew

from agga-ta-ville to zapza-ma-zoo


They all said “you must meet this voice over hero!

He will do lots of work for practically zero!”

And Zoop’s phone would ring and ring and ring

But he barely had enough money to pay for the thing!


Zoop’s prices went lower and lower

Then the checks started to come in slower and slower


And before long, there was a problem

a very big very large problem.

So big and large that even a Who would say “no can do”

And you would too!


Zoop’s “need to please” dug him into a pit!

Then finally, with conviction he yelled “Enough of this sh-” (crap)


So he packed up his bags and left Shmeegly-Shmoop

And he hopped on a plain and a train and a boat

And walked three streets to Yuzz-a-mu-tuzz

Where he told them “I’ll work for my worth. Forget all the buzz”

“I am Zoop, Zoop I am.

And I’ve been blessed with this gift as a part of God’s plan”


For the remainder of his years, Zoop enjoyed his new ways.

He was now smarter, happier, and done with the craze.


He built his skills and talents up higher and higher

and gained more respect from each and every buyer.