Rolling Stones ZipCode Tour Voice Over

The Rolling Stones recently announced their Zip Code Tour of North America. The search for a voice to help them connect their fans with pre-sale tickets on Pandora landed on Sean Caldwell. "There was a good amount of promotion that took place before the tour was announced. It had to stay secret. Outside the recording studio, [...]

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Voiceover Rates Survey | 2015

Voiceover Rates, 2015 edition. What is a professional rate to charge for a professional voiceover? In March, 2015, I presented a session on current rates at the Faffcamp conference. If you missed the presentation, here’s a quick overview of how the research was done and a link to a pdf with some of the slides. [...]

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A Voiceover Talent Named Zoop

by Sean Caldwell, with some help from daughter Chelsea Caldwell   Long ago, in the small town of Shmeegly-Shmoop The was a voice talent, a fellow, named Zoop   Zoop’s voice was great, but he started to wonder Could his pricing strategy be a big blunder?   Zoop had heard ‘the customer is always right’ and [...]

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