Voiceover Rates, 2015 edition.

What is a professional rate to charge for a professional voiceover? In March, 2015, I presented a session on current rates at the Faffcamp conference. If you missed the presentation, here’s a quick overview of how the research was done and a link to a pdf with some of the slides.

An anonymous survey was sent to over 20 professional voice over talents that I personally know. They are all great talents and probably each make between $40k and $300k or more. These are talents that have been working full-time professionals voices for many years and negotiate rates on new projects every week. Many specialize in an area (commercial, corporate, e-learning, telephony, etc.) and know what compensation is reasonable and possible in those areas.

Hope you find the information helpful. Comments welcome.


click here to view the 2015 Rates pdf.


click here to view the previous 2013 edition.