Learn at VO Atlanta

Sean's excited to be invited to be part of the presentations at VO Atlanta, March 1-4, 2018. He's bringing a survey on rates that will help talent determine what the appropriate compensation should be for specific commercials, e-learning, corporate, promo, and in-show narration projects. There's also an additional X-Session where Sean shares the foundations for [...]

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Mercedes AMG Powerwall

One of the coolest projects I've been working on in 2015 and 2016 is to voice the Mercedes Benz Powerwall. What is the Powerwall? It's a huge video wall that brings the AMG brand to life. The Powerwall allows customers to experience the cars like never before. Take a look (and listen) below. And if [...]

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Platforms and Percentages

Recently, there has been quite a discussion relating to a voiceover casting site (voices.com) and how they work with clients and voices. Yesterday, voiceover talent and Edge Studio Managing Director Graeme Spicer spent over an hour talking with David Ciccarelli, the CEO of voices.com. Many talent tuned into the webinar. If you missed it, hopefully you [...]

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